How to Merge Gmail Accounts – Multiple Account in One

How to Merge Gmail Account – I have been creating different Gmail accounts for different purposes. literally two accounts active right One for study purposes that is given to my classmates, another for business purposes which I provide in my blogs and other relative stuffs. Initially, I thought it would be cool with that, but now, as my day gets busier over the time, it seemed to be pretty difficult to handle both the gmail accounts as a same time.



Log in-out one account, and then another, as I need to check inboxes of both the account, its really too much of time consuming. Now I am thinking, it would be better to have a single Gmail account, where I can have glance on emails from people from different background.

Creating a new email account and notifying it all those people over again is ain’t a good option. So, needed of a Plan B. I know, there are more like me, who has made the same mistake.

Or, I must say, some people certainly need a different email account and had to run all the accounts in the same time However, We don’t need to  worry about such a simple issue, as Google has always got our back.

What I am saying is, Google lets its all gmail users to combine multiple accounts in a primary gmail account. Thus, a gmail user is able to monitor on his/her multiple accounts through a single one, saving lots of time and effort.

Now the question is ” How to Merge Gmail Account ?” Let’s figure it  out here-

How to Merge Gmail Account for Multiple Account Accessing

Let’s get to the topic. People who are facing hassle using different email account simultaneously would like to know how to merge gmail account. Leading through the procedure to combine multiple account in one, below here is the step by step instruction to get the work done in ease.

Forwarding email from another account-

Step 1: Log in to the secondary email account which you would like to combine in your mostly used gmail account.

Step 2: Locate the Gear Icon from the top right corner of your gmail account window, click on it.



Step 3: From the drop down list of options, click the “Settings” alternative.

Step 4: Now click on “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” from the tab options located on top.



Step 5: Now, locate and click the “Add a forwarding address” option within the “Forwarding” section.

Step 6: Next, a pop-up window will appear, type your main gmail account ID in the box and  then click on “NEXT” button.



Step 7: Now, click on the “Proceed” button. After that, a confirmation code and link will be sent  to your main gmail account. Click “OK” to proceed further.

Step 8: Now, log into your main gmail account, open the email sent to you with confirmation code, and click on the confirmation link in order to finalize the changes you have made.



Likewise, you can add more of your secondary accounts to a main account manually one by one.


Now, it would look much better if the your forwarded emails looks like you are getting it directly from a sender, or sending an email to someone as directly from the secondary account while you are actually doing it from the main account. You can get this worked with another simple method. 

Step 1: Login to your main gmail account and click on the Gear Icon, followed by clicking on “Settings“.



Step 2: Now, click on “Accounts and Import” option from the tabs located on the top.

Step 3: Locate and click on “Add Another email address you own” within the “Send Mail as” section.

Step 4: Now input the secondary gmail account ID and profile name. Click to “Next Step” and then “Send Verification“.



Step 5: Now, log in to your secondary account and confirm your email by clicking on the confirmation link, or copy-pasting the confirmation code in confirmation window.



After the successful confirmation, now every sent and received emails by your main gmail account to the secondary email contacts will look like it is being directly from the secondary account.

Hope, now you have learnt how to merge gmail account in ease. once you have successfully combined or Merge Gmail Account, you will not need to log in and out over again in order to check different inboxes or send/receive emails of different email accounts.

How to Change Gmail Background Themes/Images

Gmail is the most accepted Web-based medium that provides services to exchange e-mails between individuals around the globe. Over a decade, has been proving its best service, enhancing new useful features, and improving itself to assure the best user-experience.

Gmail, however, failed to impress many users in just a simple factor. That is, its default appearance. I am not saying that appearance matters the most; neither it would be precise to say that only quality service matters today.

It is certain that, in this modern generation everyone seemed to give an extra priority to appearances. Whether its about a product, or a service. First they look, then they decide whether to check the quality.

So, it is clear that Appearance does really matters. Think of yourself, have you ever liked Gmail background color that is set on default?

Of course not, that’s the reason you are reading this post, looking for procedures to change Gmail Background of your Gmail account.

Keeping you waiting no longer, here I am about to disclose the very short and simple procedure to change Gmail Background by yourself.

How to Change Gmail Background Themes/Images

Changing themes or images in Gmail background is just a piece of cake! let me take you through the certain procedure step by step.

Step 1: Login Gmail account as you usually does, locate and click on the Gear Icon that represents “Settings” option at the top right corner.

gmail account settings

Step 2: After clicking on that “Settings” Gear Icon, a drop down list of options will show up. Select “Themes” from the list, click on it.

Step 3: As  soon as you clicked on the “Themes” option, a pop-up window will show up with dozens of free themes and images. You may pick your choice from those bunch, or scroll down the page and click on the image that is texted as “More Images“.



In case you want to use images of your Google+ account collection as the Gmail background you can simply click on “My Photos” option located bottom right corner of the pop-up window.

Step 4: Now, if you have click on the “More Images“, you will be taken to the next page, where you may find your desired image from various categories as follows-

Featured: As Gmail is being authorized Google, here Google is showcasing various kind of popular images that are available in the Web. You will find mesmerizing landscapes, hillsides, wild animals, architectures, natural wonders, and many more.



My Photos: The category I have already mentioned above. This section will show what you have in your Google+ account. You can pick a image from there if you want to make it as your Gmail background, if any.




Upload a Photo: On this category, the Gmail feature lets you to upload a photo of your own or others, stored in your Computer. Simply Drag-ad-Drop, or upload a photo from your Computer manually, and use it as your Gmail background.



Paste a URL: Assuming you have found something worth making of your Gmail account background from internet, you can simply copy the URL link of that image and paste it on the URL box. Instantly right after you paste an URL, your desired image will be previewed. Proceed to save it.



Recently Added: This section will show you all the images that you have used early as your Gmail background. I don’t find this category much useful though.

Step 5: After Choosing your desired image via any of image categories, now you can click on “Save” button in order to use it as your Gmail account background. Wait a second, did I miss something? Yes, that is the customization section.

What do you have in customization features-



Text Background: It lets you to change the inbox text background as Light, and Dark. You may choose any of it depending on the background image color it suits with.

Vignette: This lets you change your background corner from normal to darker, while the center of the background likely to remain normal.

Blur: This feature lets you to blur the background image if needed.

Done customizing? Go ahead to “Save” your changes.

So, this is how you change or customize your Gmail background with various attractive images. From now on, you no need to rely on that boring default Gmail background any more.

You can change your Gmail background anytime, whenever you want. Select your pick from tons of free themes and images, follow this procedure as I have instructed and get busy to change Gmail background as you like.

Personally, I like the “Feature ” and “Upload a Photo” category.  What’s your choice?